• The Man Between

    One simple task for British Intelligence takes him into a world of danger Successful novelist Kit Carradine has grown restless. So when British Intelligence invites him to enter the secret world of espionage, he willingly takes a leap into the unknown. But the glamour of being a spy is soon ta... read more

  • A Divided Spy (Thomas Kell 3)

    Thomas Kell thought he was done with spying. A former MI6 officer, he devoted his life to the Service, but it has left him with nothing but grief and a simmering anger against the Kremlin. Then Kell is offered an unexpected chance at revenge. Taking the law into his own hands, he embarks on a missi... read more

  • A Colder War (Thomas Kell 2)

    MI6's Head of Station in Turkey is killed in a mysterious plane crash. Amelia Levene, chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, wants the incident investigated – quickly and quietly. The only man she can trust is Thomas Kell, a disgraced spy searching for redemption. Arriving in Istanbul, Ke... read more

  • A Foreign Country (Thomas Kell 1)

    Six weeks before she is due to take up her position as the first female head of MI6, Amelia Levene vanishes without a trace.  Her disappearance is the gravest crisis MI6 has faced for more than a decade. There has been no ransom demand, no word from foreign intelligence services, no hint of a ... read more

  • The Trinity Six

    London, 1992. Late one night, Edward Crane, 76, is declared dead at a London hospital. An obituary describes him only as a 'resourceful career diplomat'. But Crane was much more than that – and the circumstances surrounding his death are far from what they seem. Fifteen years later, academic ... read more

  • A Spy By Nature (Alec Milius 1)

    Alec Milius is a young man in a hurry. Vain, ambitious and deceitful, he's working in a dead end job and desperate to make his mark. So when a brief conversation with a friend of his late father leads to an interview with the Secret Intelligence Service, Alec senses his chance, investing the role wi... read more

  • The Spanish Game (Alec Milius 2)

    In exile. In danger. On the run. For six years, Alec Milius has been trying to escape his past, but his past refuses to release him. Abandoned by MI6 after a disastrous operation against the CIA, Milius has slowly rebuilt his life in Madrid: he has a flat, a job - and a relationship with the wrong w... read more

  • The Hidden Man

    Mark and Benjamin Keen have not seen their father, Christopher, for 20 years. When he reappears, hoping for a reconciliation, he has only just begun to shed light on his shadowy past when he is killed by an unidentified assailant. His violent death leaves questions unanswered. Was his murder an act ... read more

  • Typhoon

    Hong Kong 1997 - only a few short months of British rule remain before the territory returns to Chinese rule. It's a febrile place. And in that claustrophobic environment of uncertainty and fear the spooks are hard at work, jostling for position and influence. So when an elderly man emerges from the... read more