Is The Hidden Man available in the United States?

Yes. The Hidden Man was published in the US in 2016.

Is The Moroccan Girl the same book as The Man Between?

Yes. The Moroccan Girl is the American edition of the novel.

How many of your books have been optioned as movie deals?

A Spy By Nature has been optioned by Silent War films. John Hodge, who wrote Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, has written the screenplay. Silent War also have first refusal on The Spanish Game. A Foreign Country has been optioned by Colin Firth's production company, Raindog, who have first refusal on A Colder War. The rights to The Hidden Man, The Trinity Six, Typhoon and The Man Between are available.

Will Alec Milius return?

I hope so. I always intended to write a trilogy of novels about Alec, but other projects have got in the way. I would like Alec to find some sort of personal and professional redemption. 

What about Joe Lennox, the hero of Typhoon? Will we see him again?

Possibly. The idea of writing a novel about China’s impact on Africa is intriguing to me. Joe would be the perfect man to send into that environment.

Are you related to Sir Mansfield Cumming?

No. The first Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) was called Mansfield Cumming. He was born Mansfield Smith, but married a Cumming (no relation either) and then took her name because it was less run-of-the-mill. The letter 'C', used today to identify the 'Chief' of MI6, was originally an abbreviation of 'Cumming'.

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